Matt Lead Engineer

Matt is founder and the technical lead at BigBadWeb, he works closely with clients to understand their needs and find solutions to their problems. He gives technical direction to the teams, and continually strives to improve processes.

With a Ph.D in Computer Science (Distributed Systems, Network Analysis and Pervasive computing), a wide range of experience in many industries, he leads the team with a wealth of knowledge and understanding. see

Out of office hours, Matt is an improving toddler wrangler and side-project aficionado, with a penchant for sailing, DIY (you should see his ‘shed’), drones, photography and cryptocurrency.
A photograph of Matt, with his little girl poking her head into view.

Flexibily meeting demand

Using trusted, experienced and qualified team members, who flex to meet the needs of the client, is an efficient way for us to manage the projects we build.

Un-named Engineer

Our extended network of high quality engineers step up when needed.

Un-named Systems Architect

Experienced and knowledgeable technical people with a broad understanding of industries, ready to meet the challenge.

Un-named Project Manager / Business Analyst

Calling in the power of organization understanding and software husbandry at the drop of a hat.

Un-named QA

Highly motivated and enthusiastic quality control engineers ready to go.