Virgin Holidays

Matt (front-end lead), shares some of his experiences from working at Virgin Holidays as a Web Developer.

Evolving Technology.

With a big company comes big ideas, and to make them work you have to keep up.

A highly modular architecture making the best use of AngularJS (1.x) and Angular (2.x) and LESS frontends, a solid Continous Integration and Deployment system backed by Jenkins to serve a huge amount of customers on a daily basis.

Agile Approach.

The teams are organised around modules, and everyone adopts an Agile approach, mainly SCRUM, overarched by a more traditional, waterfall approach to suite the needs of the business.

Powerful Search.

Working as part of the Merchandising team, the main focus is on Search. As the main entry point to many visitors, it is important to get it right.

Later as a member of the Find team, the focus was on all aspects of Search and Content, as well as maintaining internal systems.